All About me

We are a mother/daughter team Sara & Vicki, aka "The Nail Divas"!
In the Summer of 2014 I had a Jamberry party to get some crazy new nail sticker things. Loved the party! After the first night of online games and fun I gave the Jamberry Opportunity a passing thought..... then my mom was like this is really cool stuff. So the journey began with Julie asking me if I had considered joining her team (which I later found out she was terrified to do, lol), mom and I chatted and jumped on our Jamberry Journey! Had Julie never asked, not sure we would have joined......but
Boy are we glad we did, #becauseofjamberry I have made life long friends with hundreds of women across the country, found joy again with my mom after the loss of my daddy, traveled to Jamberry conference with 3K like minded women and finally found something that was for ME outside of being, mom, wife, volunteer and a professional.
I've gained confidence, been empowered by my amazing team, made countless friends and have truly been blessed by this journey. I can't thank Jamberry or the amazing group of women on my team enough! Sharing this opportunity with others and helping them reach their goals and watching their journey unfold is simply breathtaking. From extra cash, to paying off debt, to not living pay check to pay check, to not working to stay home with kiddos and making Jamberry their full time job the women we've impacted are simply amazing and truly inspiring and make this THE reason we love sharing Jamberry with everyone! ~Sara & Vicki :)
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